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”..The God Graveyard, old gods that have been worshiped throughout our history but are no longer prayed to, how many more will be thrown into the wind?…”

this is weird, just because they’re not worshipped in mainstream media doesn’t mean that they’re forgotten.

Exactly how I feel, my Gods aren’t dead.

Q: I really like winnie the pooh, Can you draw winnie the pooh pleaseeeeee




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Photographer Oscar Zabala talking about his work “Sojourners

Lookbooks: “Tell us about your most surreal shoot.”

Oscar Zabala: “Me and a few of my best friends went to South America. It was the first day of actual shooting for a series we were doing. We all ate some “happy” cookies and ran around the fields on the top of a mountain naked. We were the only people for probably 50 miles. I felt like we were literally on top of the world as I was capturing all those moments.”

"   Storms make oaks take deeper root.   "
George Herbert (via inatt)